SPAMMINGis the generation and/or sending, through email or
other messaging systems of unsolicited messages with
commercial, promotional, fraudulent or malicious intent, usually,
but not necessarily, in bulk, or any other way of directly or
indirectly committing or facilitating the same.
FASBATECH will not allow the actions of a SPAMMER to
compromise the FASBATECH community and will not knowingly
be associated with a SPAMMER or any SPAMMING activity.
To protect FASBATECH’s reputation and the integrity and
reliability of the FASBATECH Site, Platform and/or Services as
well as the welfare of FASBATECH Merchants/Members,
FASBATECH strictly forbids SPAMMING in any form or by any
means, committed directly or indirectly by FASBATECH
Merchants/Members against other FASBATECH
Merchants/Members and none FASBATECH Merchants/Members,
whether through the FASBATECH Site, Platform and/or Services,
other websites owned or operated by FASBATECH, or other
messaging systems not associated with or linked to FASBATECH,
including, but not limited to, the following:
- Sending such unsolicited messages to FASBATECH,
FASBATECH Merchants/Members and/or none FASBATECH
- Unauthorized gathering and/or dissemination of data of
FASBATECH Merchants/Members and none FASBATECH
Merchants/Members for the purpose of sending unsolicited
messages of any kind to them
- Advertising, transmitting, or otherwise making available
through the FASBATECH Site, Platform and/or Services,
email or other messaging systems any software, program,
product, or service that is designed as a means to or that
facilitates a means to SPAMMING;
- Using “ghost sites” or websites that remain live but are no
longer updated or maintained, or on which updates are very
infrequent, that directly or indirectly allow SPAMMING to any
domains or internet protocol (IP) addresses even if not
linked to https://fasbatech.com or other websites owned
or operated by FASBATECH;
Conformity with the FASBATECH Terms and Conditions by the
FASBATECH Merchant/Member includes its/his/her complete
accord that FASBATECH has the sole discretion to determine the
existence of a violation of FASBATECH’s Anti-Spamming Policy in
any given case (including the mere mention of the FASBATECH
Merchant/Member in a SPAMMING complaint and whether or not
the recipients had signified their acceptance in any form of the
messages) and FASBATECH’S absolute right, without notice or
warning, to suspend or terminate the concerned FASBATECH
Merchant/Member’s access to and/or use of the Site, Platform
and Services for breach hereof. Such suspension/termination
shall be without prejudice to possible civil and/or criminal actions
against the FASBATECH Merchant/Member concerned.
The offending FASBATECH Merchant/Member agrees to render
FASBATECH free and harmless from any and all liabilities arising
from the SPAMMING committed, including direct and personal
liability to FASBATECH’s service providers for
charges/penalties/fines due to the SPAMMING complaint/s, and
shall indemnify FASBATECH for all damages it may incur due to,
arising from, caused by or in any way related to the SPAMMING